Shoreditch 58″ Rosso Levanto – Polished

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Mantle: 58″ Shoreditch in Rosso Levanto, Polished Finish


Rosso Levanto Marble is a striking and elegant natural stone that originates from quarries in Italy and Turkey. “Rosso Levanto” translates to “Red Levant” in Italian, referring to its rich red colour and its association with the historic Levant region. This marble is highly prized for its deep red hues, interspersed with intricate white veins and occasional variations in tone, creating a visually captivating and luxurious appearance.

The primary characteristic of Rosso Levanto Marble is its intense and vibrant red colour. The shade of red can vary from deep burgundy to a warmer, earthier red, providing a range of options to suit different design preferences. It is the strong red base that lends this marble its distinctive character and makes it a popular choice for creating dramatic and eye-catching interiors.