The Customer accepts the estimate on the understanding that all the natural materials such as marble, stone, wood may vary in colour vein pattern or natural markings and no guarantee whatsoever can be given as to the finish of these products. 

Flues. All installations of fireplaces and fires are carried out taking into account the existing flue/chimney conditions and adverse problems such as down draughts/excess up draughts are to be treated as a separate part of the contract and any additional works such as fitting of cowls/removal of cowls or any extra works whatsoever will be charged accordingly. 

No electrical works are included unless specifically given in writing to the Customer. Any electrical works will be the responsibility of the Customer and must be completed or carried out without causing any delay in the installation of our contract. 

The Customer is responsible for all electrical earth cross bonding to their electrical installation. 

The price or prices quoted are subject to supplier costs. 

If the Customer requires work/consultation to be carried out outside normal working hours, the Company shall be entitled to make a reasonable additional charge of the extra costs so incurred. 

Should the order be cancelled, the Customer will be responsible for paying the suppliers handling charges on all specifically ordered equipment, plus the cost of the equipment that cannot be used on other orders.

The Company accepts no liability for any delay in completing the work due to circumstances beyond their control. 

The quotation is given by the Company on the condition that any necessary license, authorities or permissions including the consent of the landlord are first obtained by the Customer and that unrestricted access to the premises will be given by the Customer in order that the delivery/work may be undertaken. 

All materials at the Customer’s premises whether fixed or unfixed are at the sole risk of the Customer and in the event of any of the same being damaged, destroyed or stolen the Company shall be entitled to full payment therefore and also for any work damaged, destroyed or lost and the cost of replacing any such materials and of reinstating or restoring any such works shall be charged as an extra provided that the Customer shall not be responsible for any loss occasioned by the negligence of the Company. 

Notwithstanding anything contained in clause (9) hereof, the Customer shall be solely responsible for the loss or damage arising from fire. 

The Company does not accept any liability for damage caused by the disturbance of any part of the property. 

If for any reason the Company considers that the Qualifying Conditions contained in the Specifications are not met, the Company may, within 28 days after the survey, withdraw from the contract and thereafter neither the Company nor the Customer shall have any claims against the other arising out of the Specification and Quotation. 

The quotation does not include for the use of scaffolding or cherry picker hire on buildings over two storeys in height when safe access is not available from a ladder any additional cost of scaffolding or cherry piker hire will be chargeable. If building plans change from the time of quotation the Customer must inform Flames of Richmond in writing to ensure any adjustments in costings can be amended. Materials placed in contact or within range of the fire must be of a non-combustible nature. 

If an existing chimneys free passage is obstructed for any reason whatsoever, the Customer shall pay cost of any additional works, necessitated thereby of the cost of any modification or variation of the works detailed in specification. 

This quotation is subject to availability of the appliances(s) or equipment or other materials necessary to complete the works. 

The Customer must ensure that flooring and surroundings are protected in the delivery/working area; no responsibility will be accepted by the Company for making good such items consequent upon the proper execution of works. 

Reference in the conditions to the “Company” are references to Flames of Richmond, References to the “Customer” are references to the person to whom the quotation is addressed. 

Approximate starting/delivery dates are given in good faith, but it must be appreciated that, delays due to the delay in supply of materials cannot be calculated.

No liability will be placed on Flames of Richmond when a third party delivery company damages the item in transit. Including and not limited to overseas delivery services. The Customer is responsible for any custom fees, charges and international taxes on goods purchased.

The materials fixed or otherwise remain the property of Flames of Richmond and the Customer accepts our estimate with the understanding that the Company Flames of Richmond will have access at any time to the contract address and remove all materials not paid for and to charge for making any necessary repairs. 

The Company reserves the right to invoice for interim payments at any time and to be paid on demand. 

The Company reserves the right to charge an interest rate of 4% over bank rate for any outstanding amounts due after a period of 14 days. 

If a booked appointment needs to be changed it’s the responsibility of the Customer to provide sufficient notice to ensure that additional charges aren’t applied for wasted days. If the site is not ready to requirements on the scheduled day of installation  then Flames of Richmond have a right to charge additional fees for wasted days.

The Customer is responsible for the removal and disposal of Asbestos or any toxic or dangerous products and is required to do so on demand to Health and Safety Regulations. 

The Customer is required to report any fault that may or may not cause damage to any person, their property or contents and no responsibility will be accepted by the Company for the damage incurred.

When purchasing a product as supply only, the Customer must ensure that the product is installed by a registered and certified member of the required regulatory body.

The recipient hereby consents (whether by electronic means or otherwise), to the collection, processing, transmission and storage by Flames of Richmond, its Subsidiaries and any third party administrators of any data (personal or professional) provided so that Flames of Richmond and its Affiliates can fulfill their obligations.