Cupido 50

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Real Flame Burner S

With the Real Flame burner you are assured of an extremely realistic fire image. The flames, in combination with the realistic logs, create an utterly realist wood fire look.

Natural gas G25 (min-max): 2,0 – 7,0 kW
Natural gas G20 (min-max): 2,1 – 7,8 kW
Propane G31 (min-max): 1,8 – 7,9 kW
Efficiency: 88%


Black steel (Standard)
Black glass (Optional)


Connect to home automation (Optional)
Powerfan (Optional)
Anti-reflective glass (Optional)
Access door (Optional)
Wall switch (Optional)
Remote control (Standard)
Convection grills built-in and surface-mounted (Optional)
Operation via app (Optional)
Puck (Optional)