Bolection Bianca Carrara – Honed 50″ Mantel

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Mantle: 50″ Bolection in Bianca Carrara, Honed Finish

Carrara is a type of white or blue-grey marble popular for use in sculpture and building decor. It has been quarried since Roman times in the mountains just outside the city of Carrara in Italy. The pure white ‘statuario’ grade (sometimes referred to as statuary) was used for monumental sculpture, but had run out by the late 20th century.

The current material production is of stone with a greyish tint, or streaks of black or grey on white which makes it an attractive choice for fireplace production. It has a high tensile strength, can take a high gloss polish and holds very fine detail. It is classified by two variations, one is Carrara C with pure white background colour and light grey veins or dots. This is the most refined and precious quality of Bianca Carrara. The other type is Carrara CD, it has darker background with dark grey or black veining or dots.

Our Carrara fireplaces are available in both polished (smooth and shiny) and honed (smooth and matt) finishes. Any inclusions or brecciation will be stopped, filled and polished to match the finish of the marble.