Two sided built-in fire, left or right corner. Quad burner.


The Quad Burner has five different burners. This way you can endlessly adjust the flames and the heat intensity. Thanks to the large number of burners, it is possible to create a lot of heat in a short time. At the same time you enjoy an impressive flame picture . Want to switch to low power? Then simply switch off a number of burners with the touch of a button.

Choice of log set, white Carrara pebbles, white or grey stones.


Natural gas G25 (min-max): 2,2 – 12,9 kW
Natural gas G20 (min-max): 2,2 – 12,9 kW
Propane G31 (min-max): 2,2 – 13,3 kW
Efficiency: 90%


Black steel (Standard)
Black glass (Optional)


Connect to home automation (Optional)
Operation via app (Optional)
Powerfan (Optional)
Anti-reflective glass (Optional)
Control panel (Optional)
Wall switch (Optional)
Remote control (Standard)
Convection schedule (s) (Optional)
Puck (Optional)



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