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Studio Edge

Modern gas fire available in 3 sizes

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Brand Gazco
High Efficiency Yes – Glass Fronted
Conventional Flue Yes
Balanced Flue Yes
Conventional Flue liner-less installation with no requirement for additional adapters Yes
Choice of linings* Black Glass, Black Reeded, Vermiculite, Black Steel, Polished Black Granite
Open Fronted† and Glass Fronted models Yes
Choice of contemporary or realistic fuel effects Yes
Simple drop down door for easy maintenance access Yes
Remote control included Standard remote: Open fronted
Programmable Thermostatic remote: Glass fronted
External battery holders for ease of battery change Yes
Double Sided Duplex gas fire Yes
Slimline Cavity Wall gas fire Yes
Portrait version available Yes

*Lining choices vary depending on model.
†This product is not suitable for primary heating purposes.



Fire Choices Air Vent not normally required Efficiency Heat Output† CF BF Dimensions∆ wxh (mm) Flue Diameter
Studio 1 – Open Conventional Flue Yes 25% 1.72kW Yes No 660 x 334 Top 175mm (7″) NA
Studio 1 – Glass Fronted Conventional Flue Yes 72% 4.97kW Yes No 752 x 428 Top 127mm (5″) E
Studio 1 – Glass Fronted Balanced Flue Yes 92% 5.20kW No Yes 745 x 416 Top 150mm (6″) A
Studio 2 – Open Conventional Flue No 25% 2.30kW Yes No 860 x 334 Top 175mm (7″) NA
Studio 2 – Glass Fronted Conventional Flue No 81% 6.89kW Yes No 952 x 428 Top 127mm (5″) C
Studio 2 – Glass Fronted Balanced Flue Yes 92% 7.0kW No Yes 945 x 416 Top 150mm (6″) A
Studio 3 – Open Conventional Flue No 25% 3.40kW Yes No 1250 x 334 Top 175mm (7″) NA
Studio 3 – Glass Fronted Balanced Flue Yes 92% 8.4kW No Yes 1335 x 416 Top 150mm (6″) A


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