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Stockton 5 Gas Stoves

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With authentic wood burning stove styling, right down to the hinged door with handle, the Gazco Stockton 5 gas stove is conveniently sized between the Small and Medium Stockton gas stoves. So you have even more opportunity to suit your needs – and to enjoy all the enchantment of a real coal or log-effect gas stove.


Stove Height Width Depth Weight Flue Diameter Energy Efficiency**
Stockton 5 CF 544mm 481mm 337mm 55kg 127mm (5″) E
Stockton 5 BF 544mm 481mm 337mm 55kg 152mm (6″) B


Brand Gazco
Nominal Heat Output 1.95 – 3.6kW
Gas Types Natural Gas
Fuel effect Logs and Coals
High Efficiency Conventional Flue: 65.8%
Balanced Flue: 91.8%
Colour Choice Matt Black
Command Controls Manual, Standard upgradeable
Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Flame Viewing Area 267 x 212mm

Efficiency figures given are based upon the maximum heat output achieved for these models.

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