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Sky T

Vertical Built-in Fire. Double Burner. Choice of log set, white Carrara pebbles,...



The double burner guarantees a beautiful fire experience because the fire is spread over the full depth of the fireplace. In addition, you can easily switch off one of the burners for optimum control of the heat and the flame picture.

ype of fireplace: Gas fires
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G25: 2,7 – 10,8 kW
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G20: 2,7 – 10,8 kW
Net propane capacity (min-max) G31: 2,6 – 10,3 kW
Efficiency: 86%
Black steel: (Standard)
Black glass: (Optional)
Connect to home automation: (Optional)
Operation via app: (Optional)
Powerfan: (Optional)
Anti-reflective glass: (Optional)
Control panel: (Optional)
Wall switch: (Optional)
Convection schedule (s): (Optional)
Remote control: (Standard)
Puck: (Optional)

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